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Most of my entries are friends locked, primarily to prevent RL friends from seeing them. If you want to add me, please do! I love to meet new people~ However, be warned that the vast majority of entries are about musicals (Austrian, Hungarian, Broadway, Spanish), my own pathetic life, or books. I also have an ungodly obsession with anything related to Kunze/Levay.

My musical trading/sharing list should be one entry below this. If you want anything, let me know!


So, I totally stole this meme from _pseudonym. However, I'm heavily addicted to my ipod so I just had to do it:

Name the top twenty albums or artists that your iPod (or other mp3 player of choice) simply cannot be without. Then, tag twenty people to do the same (or less if you choose)

My favorite albums are:
1)Side Show (OBC)
My favorite musical of all time. I can't live without this soundtrack. My CD is all scratched up from my abusing it over the past ten years. Thank goodness for mp3s!
2) Cirque du Soleil - Alegria (sad memories ;_;)
3) Les Cowboys Fringants - Break Syndical
4) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
5) Elisabeth (all versions)
6) Les Tetes Raides - Gratte Poil (if only for l'identitie)
7) Oyster Band - Holy Bandits
8) Matmatah - La Ouache
9) Shakira - Laundry Service (DON'T JUDGE ME)
10) Le Roi Soleil (OST)
11) Les Kitchs (Little known, now disbanded French folk group. Awesome music)
12) Loreena McKennitt - Live in Paris and London
13) The Beatles - Love
14) Moist - Mercedes Five and Dime
15) Christophe Mae - Mon Paradis
16) Rebecca (Complete Live Recording)
17) Rob Thomas - Something to Be
18) Altar Boyz (OOBC)
Fluff, but I love it!
19) Bare OST (*sniff*)
20) Sunset Boulevard (LA Cast)
I know people hate this musical, but I've been in love with Alan Campbell's voice since I first heard it as a child.
Pathology ~~~

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Preparing for the tutorial today. I thought I would get lots of work done this morning, but it's already time for me to trek up to North Campus Building. I still have to finish marking, staple and have a shower.

We're doing genealogies in one of my courses, and I've been having fun trying to trace my ancestry. It's hard to do it via the internet, however, because the last names of my grandparents are 'Edwards' and 'Fritz'. Not rare names, surely.

However, I accidentally came across Robespierre's genealogy a few moments ago. I can't believe that they were able to trace him through 18 generations! That's well over 400 years, I think.

There's been a huge conflict recently over the NIH GWAS databases. In September, a group found a way to detect individuals in complex mixtures using only SNPs.

Suddenly, the genetic community is getting nervous. Why? Because this apparently extends to databases. If your sequence is contained in a medically sensitive directory, a person can determine whether you are there are not if they have your genome sequence.

Similarly, there is the worry that law enforcement officers will move past crime database, and scour medical databases for possible perpetrators.

When I first heard about these issues, I sort of scoffed at them. However, the amount of discourse that they've opened up is astounding. I don't think anybody expected that these debates would explode so quickly.

It's snowing. I don't want to leave the house today >_

Question. . .

I don't think anybody will know the answer to this (although I know some people on my list were in New York recently), but I can't find it via google and I really want to know because I'm SUPER cheap.

Regarding the Broadway Student Rush in New York, it says that you have to present a student card to get the 20$ prices. . .

Does that only include New York student cards, or would Canadian (or ISIC) student cards work as well?

So few shows have 'Anyone Rushes' right now ;_; But the seats aren't filling up lately, so there are probably lots of student rush tickets available.

Writing / Summer

On Saturday, I went to go see Joe Cummings speak. He is one of the former hosts of the Arts Report on CBC, and has just released a book on poetry. I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of the seminar was, but he discussed the 'writing process' and tried to give the audience an appreciation of poetry. He also covered a brief history of poetry through time, and pointed out that it was never a particularly revered profession (although more respected in the past than present).

I've never had much love for poetry (except for The Highwayman ♥), and have not done any personal creative writing since high school (horribly weepy Mary-Sue stories, at that). However, the talk was fascinating. I guess I understand a bit more the reason why people write creatively.

This link just appeared on one my livejournal communities. Apparently, an undergraduate student was sent to a mental institution because he wrote a very dark short story in a creative writing class.

I think it's really hard to know what to do in situations like this. Creative writing can mean so many things. It can be a fictional story, or a reflection on reality. This student was found with guns (although they turned out to be meaningless/harmless). However, the kid from Virginia Tech also had his writing brought to authorities (and ignored) many times.

Freedom of speech is scary. I don't know where I stand 0_o

My graveyard/martini buddy is leaving for Thailand next week. It sounds like an awesome trip and there's so much to do there. I'm JEALOUS! For some reason, though, I've lost any desire to travel this summer. The more I hear about next year, the more scary it seems. It's nice to take a couple months off for myself. I also thought that this summer would be very very very boring. However, there's enough going on in London that time is flying by. I can't believe 1.5 months are already gone!

Spent the morning downtown cruising the used bookstores. My obsession with mystery novels is growing. Kathy Reichs is such a fantastic author.

Been playing a bit of Persona 3 lately. If I can't actually go to school/study during the summer, then by God, I'll do it virtually.

Desperate Housewives Season Finale

Alright. . . I'm probably the only person who watches Desperate Housewives but. . .


That was like. . the best season finale ever. There were rumours that they were going to do that, but I didn't think they were true.

What the hell happened to Mike?

And why is Susan kissing Gale Harold!?!?!?!? He looked really familiar and at first I thought it was Ashton Kutcher. But OUCH!

All of my favorite childhood actors are slowly moving to DH.

Andrew looks so handsome in a suit ♥

Edit - WAH! He's going to be recurring. Does that mean the series now takes place in the future ?_?

La Vida Eternal

Just got back from another morning shopping trip. I find that I'm spending my money on nothing but food lately. I haven't bought a single article of summer clothing yet, and feel like I'm in a complete rut. I'm at that age where I no longer have a style. I want to dress professionally, but most of the skirts and blazers are horribly ill-fitting on me. I'm just so sick of denim ;_;

I also find myself ostensibly avoiding The Bay lately. I've got to get over this. Especially when I have the tendency to force others to walk to the opposite side of the mall.

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Avenue Q is going to be in Toronto from July 29 to August 30. I can't wait ♥ I've been looking forward to this for awhile.

I've been marathoning Ugly Betty episodes lately. And by marathoning, I mean watching one episode a night (which might help explain why, after my three month X-Files marathon, I'm still on season three. . . I just can't stare at a TV or computer for more than an hour at a time). I absolutely LOVE Ugly Betty. The characters are so fantastically catty and the plot is deliciously unpredictable. Santos' death really affected me a lot, and I love the Daniel/Alex(is) interaction. I thought I was a Henry fan (especially after that Grubstick speech) but I also adore Gio.

I was cruising yesterday morning (yes, yes, shut up) and came across the description of a new play on Broadway called Good Boys and True. It actually sounds really really interesting. According to afterleton: The show is set at an all-boys prep school and begins with the discovery of a graphic sex tape of an unidentifiable boy assaulting a girl. Brandon, the school's top student and star athlete, is implicated as the attacker. Brandon protests his innocence, but as the mystery unravels what comes to light is Brandon's secret gay relationship with a fellow student. WANNA SEE!

I've been raking through the Archaeological Fieldwork Index lately. There's still a chance I might head out on a dig this summer. There are some open in France and there is an interesting Nenanna Complex one in Alaska. I also have a couple resumes floating around for Ontario digs. I secretly have no desire to work this summer, but I'd grab any opportunity to get more fieldwork experience (even though I will have no need for it in the future ;_; By taking a molecular anthropology masters, I've more or less given up any chance of being an archaeologist).

Bought some more books at Chapters this morning! I'm really into mysteries lately, so I grabbed Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile. I also picked up a book called Sky Burial because it was cheap and looked interesting. It's supposedly a biography about a women who spends her life with nomads in Tibet after her husband was killed. Also got The Murder Files because I'm in a morbid mood right now. It's about interesting murders throughout history.

Faa. I had no reason to write any of this. I just needed a break. And now, I'm off to buy shoes and booze. Well, definitely booze. I probably won't find any shoes today either ;_; Busy weekend ahead!

P.S. - This is the best X-Files rewatch blog ever. Primarily because I never noticed Tooms' bubble-butt until I read it, but also because of the heavy breathing ♥9


Bah. I haven't been in a very good mood lately. Whenever I'm home alone for more than two or three hours I get this insanely horrible 'lazy' feeling. I hope this goes away once the weather gets nicer. I just feel so mopey, melancholy and dissatisfied lately. I really don't know what to do with my life right now.

Maybe I just miss the feeling of stress and the all-nighters that come during the school year. I never want to graduate from school. After my Ph.D, I'm SO going for my M.D. <--- semi-serious.

Mother's Day this past weekend. I took my mother to Coras for breakfast and then on the Shunpiker tour. As always, the tour was crowded with elderly people and the stops were quite dull. So we ended up going to a bunch of monuments and historical sites instead. I'm amazed how much history there is around this town and I love wandering through the old graveyards here and I think I'm going to contribute to the Canadian Cemetery Project this year as a photographer. A couple of weeks ago, there was a reenactment of the 'Battle of Longwoods' so it was kind of surprising to see the number of wreaths surrounding the monument where the battle took place (it was quite a distance from the reenactment). I guess people never forget these things. I took a picture because I'm nerdy like that.

The official XF2 trailer was released last night at 12:00am PST and. . . it's horrible! It's more or less the same thing that screened at Wondercon with the cool parts (running from the helicopter) removed. The only good things were seeing Callum Keith Rennie during an autopsy, and Mulder's "I need you on this" paralleling his "I need you on this" from the XF1 trailer. Bah. This whole week has been disappointing for XF2 news. A couple days ago, fake therapy sessions for Mulder and Scully were released that led fans to believe that they had been spending the last six years apart. However, they turned out to have been ad-libbed by Gillian and David during one of the script readings, so they could mean anything. I really have no idea what I want out of this movie. I think it would be awesome if they went in different directions after that hotel room in New Mexico, but I kind of don't want them separated either ;_;

In terms of movies and television, this really is a year for the 1980s kids. Everything from my childhood is getting a sequel: 90210, X-Files, Sex and the City, Speed Racer (yargh), Batman, Indiana Jones, etc. Yay?!?

Just finished reading 'The Birth House' by Ami McKay. I'm really not too fond of books such as this. Maybe it's because I've had too much experience in the sciences. However, although I see value in practices such as midwifery, I find the author gives them a BIT too much credit. Also finished 'Bridget Jone's Diary' last week. It was. . .a bit disappointing? I didn't like the writing style.

I guess I should start cleaning. I just want this lethargic feeling to go away ;_;



E-mail of doom has just appeared in my inbox, just like it did three years ago.

If I reply in the next 10 minutes, I'll be given a job in Quebec. Full-time, 3.5 months, about 10$ an hour.


And I have to leave for my lunch meeting by 12:30. Can't decide, can't decide, can't decide.

I know this is a double-post. . .but EGAD.

Edit - I SORT of need to stay home and clean this summer, but surely I'll be bored by July and August? The positions also start on May 12th, so I'd have like. . .no time to prepare.

Edit 2 - Surprisingly enough, I'll probably reject. I have SO much work to do this summer and hardly any time to do it. As much as I love Quebec, I'll also be working through the summer next year and could do without stress for awhile. I hate getting offered positions that I want, but can't accept.

Edit 3 - Rejected. However, is it wrong that while considering this, the first thought that came into my head was "Well, if I go to Quebec instead of France at least I'll get to see XF2 on its release date. . ." I feel dorky.